What is Blue Light?

Glances Mission:     

          Here at Glances Eyewear we take great pride in providing the most effective Anti-Blue Light Technology on the market. Each individual pair of glasses is handcrafted to fit securely on your face while looking absolutely stunning with any outfit. Our amazing support staff and behind the scenes engineers make it the utmost priority to make sure every Glances Family member always leaves with a smile on their face.

What is Blue Light?

          Blue light also known as high-energy visible blue light (HEV) has high frequency and short wavelengths similar to UV light. Prolong exposures to blue light has shown to damage the retina, the part of the eye that detects qualities such as color and light intensity. Because your eyes are working extra hard to cope with the blue light, you begin to experience eye strain. Over sustained periods, the exposure can contribute to long-term vision issues such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

          With the rise of technology in the recent decade, it is more pertinent now more than ever to help raise awareness to this often overlooked phenomenon. Long lasting effects of Blue Light damage include: eye fatigue, insomnia, headaches, blurred vision, restless sleep and even loss of vision. Every single person out there has felt the effects of Blue Light one way or another, but have just passed it off as a "normal occurrence": That should no longer be the case!  

What Makes Glances Eyewear Stand Above the Rest?     

          Our research and development team has worked nonstop to create a collection of glasses that symbolize the culmination of Blue Light protective technology. Not to mention, the Simple Is Power collection brings an unprecedented wave of style and class. These absolutely beautiful frames are coated with a variant form of acetate that acts as a protective barrier to the elements. We have made sure that not only will you be the limelight of the party but you will be the most protected!



Lenses coated with a scratch-resistant film; Blocks 40% of all harmful Blue Light Rays

Elegant gloss finish for a long-lasting sustainable frame

Industry-leading alloy hinges to provide durable opening/closing mechanics